MGT101 (Dicussions)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Compare rational and nonrational decision making.
  • Explain how managers can make decisions that are both legal and ethical.
  • Describe how evidence-based management and business analytics contribute to decision making.
  • Describe how artificial intelligence is used in decision making.
  • Compare four decision-making styles.
  • Identify barriers to rational decision making and ways to overcome them.
  • Outline the basics of group decision making.

5.2 Action Required:

A ‘decision’ tree is a graph of decision and their possible consequences. It is used to create a plan to reach a goal.

5.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):

  • What are the advantages and limitations of using a decision tree.

5.4 Instructions

  • Answer the question available in the “Test your Knowledge” section.
  • Post your answer in the discussion board using the discussion link below



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