DB#4: Describe the intended target markets for your global business venture (MKT 6661)

Thoroughly describe the intended target markets (TM) for your global business venture. Describe the intended ultimate end-user based on the information provided in Chapter 3 of our textbook, and describe the business-to-business (B2B) supply chain necessary to make your product/service available for household consumption (Chapter 4).

Please Keep in mind: Discussion Board Assignments

These are not short-answer DBs. To exceed expectations grade-wise, they require in-depth analysis explained to me and the rest of the class in at least four or five complete paragraphs for your original post, and at least two or three complete paragraphs for your reply to another post. “Complete paragraphs” include several sentences, not just two or three. These DB posts are intended to help the class develop your marketing plan assignment that is described in the next section. The more work (i.e., detailed content) you include in your DB posts, the further along you will be writing your final marketing plan.

Any term paper, business plan, term project, case analysis, or assignment may have no more than a 3% similarity score of its content quoted from a single source, and that quotation must be done correctly based on APA guidelines.

Book Link: https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/

Please look over the Attachments:

  • Previous Discussion board submissions for weeks 1 & 2- (Each Discussion board should build off each other to create a Marketing plan by the end of the course,)
  • Source sheet- Please use at least one or 2 sources from this sheet (i.e. list of authorized sites to get the source) No more than 3% of similarity score of its content quoted from a single source,
  • Teacher Example Outline
  • Chapter power points (2,3,4,6,7)

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