Decision Support Systems IT475

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Write at least 7- references using the APA style.


Please use simple language

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Additions within the document

1-Saudi Electronic University is considering opening a branch in UAE. List typical activities in each phase of the decision (intelligence, design, choice, and implementation) regarding whether to open a branch.

  • Explain, through an example, the support given to decision makers by computers in each phase of the decision process.
  • Some steps in (a) can be supported by AI technology. Describe how AI technology can assist those steps and how it enriches the decision-making process.
  • 2-Why are Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine vision so prevalent in industry? List and discuss two examples.
  • 3-Go to UCI data repository ( and identify two data sets, one for estimation/regression and one for classification. Using Microsoft Excel or any other statistical software: a. Develop and interpret a linear regression model. b. Develop and interpret a logistic regression model.
  • 4-Find at least two articles (one journal article and one white paper) that discuss storytelling, especially within the context of analytics (i.e., data-driven storytelling). Read and critically analyze the article and paper and write a report to reflect your understanding and opinions about the importance of storytelling in BI and business analytics.

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