Infection control article PPE

Submit a one to two-page paper using APA format, to include:

  1. Summarize an RN authored, informational article from a peer-reviewed journalregarding an infection control topic in the health care setting.
  2. A description of why such a practice is important in the health care setting.
  3. A discussion of how the principles of the topic apply to a nurse and the public.
  4. The author of the article is cited once in the body of the paper.
  5. Attach a copy of the article to your writing assignment.
  6. How will this article apply to you, nursing in general, and the community as required by the rubric? I attached the rubric


1. Mechanics, Style (sentence structure, spelling, capitalization and punctuation), organization of the paper (titles, Introduction, 1” border…etc.). (0.2)
2. Citations for all facts outside scope of common knowledge (0.1)
3. Citations are written in APA 6th ed. (0.1)
4. Reference page is APA 6th ed. (0.1)1. Summary of an infection control topic in health care setting article (1.7)
2. Informational article attached (0.1)
3. Cited once in the body of the paper (0.1)
4. Topic and article approved by faculty (0.1)

1. Discussion of chain of infection (0.75)
2. Relevance to practice in the health care setting

)1. Relevance for nurses (0.5)
2. Relevance to the general public (0.5)


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