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College Ranking Measurement Assignment

According to US News and World Report, CUI is one of the top Regional West’s universities.This conclusion is based on an elaborate effort to measure the “academic quality” of America’s colleges and universities.

Paying special attention to how US News collects data, ranking category definitions, undergraduate ranking criteria, and challenges, check out the methodology at the following and related pages.


  • State your definition of “academic quality” (construct not operational definition). If you make references to a source, make sure you properly cite them.
  • What is Concordia University Irvine’s ranking (Regional Universities West)?
  • What variables are used to indicate academic quality?
    • List each variable and provide a brief summary (do not copy word for word).
    • In each description, include how much each variable weighs.
  • Describe specific methods you could use to evaluate (validate) the overall rankings.For at least 3 kinds of measurement validity, come up with a test using real data (something knowable even if you don’t have access to it at the moment). Be sure to identify the types of measurement validity using the correct terms.
  • How could you determine the internal reliability of the ratings (how well the items that go into the rankings score hang together)?Since the rankings are published every year, how else could you test for the reliability of the rankings?
  • How does the existence of this popular ranking affect what is measured? Don’t forget institutional practices at colleges and universities.How can colleges “game the system”— raise rankings without improving academic quality?

ADDITION QUESTION: Forbes has its own college rankings, which are found at . Which is better, Forbes or US News, and why?

Paper must be completed in APA formatting

The Format of the paper should be

Title Page

Prompt Answers (narrative format)



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