Chapter 1

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Chapter 1 of the text covers literacy in the United States and speaks about ways we can address the problem. While I believe the chapter does justice to the issues affecting young and adult learners and provides a clear scope and approach, I am concerned about where we stand at present day because of the pandemic and because of social media.

I have several questions that require some research and foresight:

What is the present day literacy rate of the United States? What is Louisiana’s literacy rate compared to other state’s in the United States?
Do you believe the charge taken by the National Research Council (p 15) are viable for our current adult learners? If so which of the three is most impactful? If none are viable what would you recommend
Your response to these questions will create a foundation of how we address the text and focus on literacy, learning, practice and research as it relates to our learners who are enhancing their reading skills.

All responses are to adhere to the conventional APA format for submission. There is no word count just authentic responses to the questions.


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