using the questions, make up story about Turkey country

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Use the PESTEL framework categories (below) to broadly structure your Global
Business Focus Country Report. However, there should be additional context
that you provide to link everything together and provide recommendations.

▪ The following question prompts should help you to identify what types of
information you will need to collect, analyze, and discuss.
o Do not provide a laundry list of responses to these questions. They are
merely prompts that serve as a reminder of what needs to be covered in
your discussion within each of the 6 categories (P, E, S, T, E, L)

The country is Turkey

▪ What are the local lifestyle trends?
▪ What are the country’s current demographics, and how are they changing?
▪ What is the level and distribution of education and income?
▪ What are the dominant local religions, and what influence do they have on
consumer attitudes and opinions?
▪ What is the level of consumerism, and what are the popular attitudes toward it?
▪ What pending legislation could affect corporate social policies (e.g., domestic-
partner benefits or maternity and paternity leave)?
▪ What are the attitudes toward work and leisure?


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