The critical importance of metadata in governance, as it applies to all risk functions

Learning Goal: I’m working on a cyber security discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Discussion Board Post – Approx. 200 words

(Assignment to be completed in the Discussion Board Section)

  • Based on what you have learned about distributed architectures, the future of technology frameworks, and the importance classification, what are your recommendations for the ACME company, that continues to acquire other companies that already have some governance and some security in place? What is the best path forward for them? Justify your response from the perspective of an auditor, the perspective of the business and operations, and the perspective of the security and data governance teams
  • .Essay – due on Sunday 11:59PM CST: Approx. 600 words, APA StyleBased on the articles and explanations given in this session:Based on the materials provided this week, and any additional research:
    • Based on what you have learned about the importance on metadata and good governance, what is the best training curriculum you can recommend to ACME as they continue to acquire data scientists, as well as new stewards for the lines of business data?
    • Additional research is recommended to complete this essay.

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