Printmaking and Photography

W3: Printmaking and Photography

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Course Objective(s): 

  • CO2: Identify major artists and their time periods in Western and Non-Western art.
  • CO3: Interpret art terminology in relationship to works of art.
  • CO4: Describe major works of art.
  • CO6: Analyze works of art within their social and historical contexts.

Description: An Examination of 2-Dimensional Art (Printmaking and Photography)

Choose one of the following to write about:




Please see these helpful art aids:

Topic 2.) Dorothea LangeMigrant Mother, 1936. This photograph is important on many levels, but examine it in the context of the Farm Security Administration, discussing the FSA’s involvement. What was the FSA? Why was it important? Why do we consider this photograph a significant art object? Explain the reason for its creation. Then think about the photograph and answer the following:

  • Is it art and/or documentation, or both?Provide solid details about what makes an image art or documentation, and defend your answer. Find a website that has reliable information about Lange and/or this topic, and provide a link to the site in your post for proper attribution. 


Topic 1.) Investigate the artist Albrecht Dürer on the internet. He is considered the finest printmaker to have ever lived. Discuss Dürer and how his type of printmaking played a part in books and education during his lifetime. 

  • Describe mass production, its importance, and what it helped foster.
  • Consider the world before prints and printing presses.
  • Demonstrate that you understand the difference between making single prints and making books on printing presses.
  • Choose a print that appeals to you created by this artist. Explain how it was made, giving details of the technique (details, not just: “a woodcut”), and why you like it. Does it have social meaning, political meaning, or does it serve a practical function? Consider whether or not you could afford a print as opposed to a painting. Be sure to answer all parts of the question. Find a web site that has reliable information about Dürer’s prints, and include a link to the website in your post.

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