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This assignment requires you to use all of the skills you have been developing to analyze visual representations of rhetorical appeals, follow a process for writing, and use/cite sources properly.


  1. Return to the Peer Review of your Rhetorical Analysis Essay Rough Draft and review the comments of your peers.
  2. Using the feedback you received from your classmates, revise and edit your essay.
  3. Your paper must include the following criteria:
    • A strong and relevant introduction;
    • A strong thesis statement;
    • Well-developed body paragraphs that contain topic sentences which refer back to the thesis and provide supporting details from your analysis.
    • Strong organizational structure with clear transitional sentences;
    • A conclusion that reemphasizes the thesis statement;
    • A Works Cited page in MLA format;
    • General MLA guidelines (including an appropriate heading and page numbering)

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