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Which type of hospital do you think provides better care, voluntary or proprietary? Post your response in the week five discussion box and react to two other student posts.

It is important to know the general safety of a hospital before you or a loved one have to be admitted. The Leapfrog Group (www.leapfroggroup.org (Links to an external site.)) develops an annual survey of the majority of hospitals nationwide. Go to the Leapfrog website and under the title “Compare Hospitals” hit the “Ok, click here.” This will take you to a page where you enter the city and state and it will pull up the major reporting hospitals within 50 miles. Look up Memphis, TN. You will see the major hospitals have a general grade score (A-F). Under that score, there is a view for the full score line. This will give a breakdown of various categories and compare that hospital to the average score and highest and lowest scores nationwide. Give particular attention to the scores for infections and other related categories. After you review the Memphis hospitals, go to the Nashville hospitals page, review them and then compare the results in the two markets. Select one hospital rated A from each market for comparisons of grades and scores.

Post in the week five drop box. ( MY AREA CODE IS 38115)


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