National security Assignment Essay: Objective: Gain understanding of the difference between theory and practice of the politics and government of the United States.

Compose a full analysis essay on Carl Von Clausewitz’ On WarPreview the document

include two types of analysis compare and contrast, argumentation, prescription, proscribe, etc.  see “tools of analysis”  ideas can be internal analysis ,external analysis ,or one of each. Use sections 2, 4, 11, 23, 24, 25 and/or 26 as the basis for analysis.

Essay is graded on structure, clarity of writing, and completeness of analysis.

SAMPLE THESIS: Clausewitz’ ideas are relevant for United States policy today.  By investigating current national security topics such as ________, __________, and _________, it can be shown that there is a political object to war.  Furthermore the political object will be related to larger U.S. foreign policy objectives.  Lastly, a determination will be made if the conflicts and potential conflicts are emotionally driven or politically driven. 


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