1. Summarize the film and Inform one or two gender & migration concepts within. (One paragraph)

Ali’s Wedding (Links to an external site.)


Provide a critical film assessment:

1. Summarize the film and Inform one or two  gender & migration  concepts within. (One paragraph)

2. Interpret and Evaluate the film using the concepts previously mentioned in a critical manner. (One paragraph)

3. Examine and Rate the film’s treatment of its female characters by assessing if it passes the Bechdel-Wallace Test.

· Are there at least two named female characters?

· Do they speak to each other?

· Do they speak to each other about something other than a male “love” interest?

4. Provide a quote that you liked reflecting on what one of the film participants have said. (One paragraph)


Each answer should be a minimum of a paragraph (A paragraph is 4 sentences). Feel free to write more. Font should be 12 point.


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