For this assignment, you will view a film about your research country. ( THAILAND) You will then write a short essay (about 500 words) in which you critically evaluate the film. In your essay, you must incorporate four course concepts from at least two different weeks (by first defining the concept and then applying it to your discussion).

These are the concepts you may choose from: 

Week Eight: Cheap Food, Green Revolution, Gender, Social Reproduction, in situ dispossession, ex situ dispossession, Imperialism 

Week Nine:  adverse incorporation; exogenous agribusiness expansion; endogenous commodity market expansion; small-scale narrative; industrial narrative; differentiation 

Week Ten: Imperialism; labor productivity; solidarity economy; peasant; food sovereignty; agroecology; 

In order to critically evaluate the message of the film, you must first describe the message. You should do this by answering the following two questions: (1) What social consequences have resulted from the transition from ‘farming’ to ‘agriculture’ as depicted in the film? (See the powerpoint from Week 8 for definitions of ‘farming’ and ‘agriculture’) (2) How have people in your research country resisted or sought alternatives to this transition? 

Then critically evaluate the film. You may do this by arguing that the filmmaker accurately portrays the transition from ‘farming’ to ‘agriculture’ by describing the strength of the evidence that s/he marshals in support of their argument or by describing how this process has unfolded in similar ways in different parts of the world (citing evidence from the readings or from your own knowledge). Alternatively, you might suggest that the filmmaker’s portrayal of the transition from ‘farming’ to ‘agriculture’ is inaccurate or one-sided. You could do this by pointing to inadequacies in their evidence or by introducing another perspective from which the transition could be viewed.

Be sure to review the rubric for the details on how your essay will be evaluated!

General points about effective writing 

A. Don’t bury your thesis. Tell me right away what your paper is about. Start off with a clear statement of your topic. 
B. Write with clarity and concision
1. Avoid wordiness. Don’t tell me a bunch of necessary stuff.
2. If you use any technical terms or jargon, explain them. (Especially pertinent advice for this assignment, as you’ll be graded on the extent to which you explain and apply the course concepts). 
3. Make the structure of your paper easy to follow. Don’t jump around randomly. Help the reader see how you are moving from point to point. What ties this paragraph to the one before it? How is the point you are making now related to what you said above?

INFORMATION  For week 10 

(((WEEK 10

Attached in files:


_Mckay et al. )))


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