For this assignment, you are required to answer the six questions below. Your answers will be based on your reading and understanding of “Women and the Evolution of World Politics”. You should not use other sources. Do not cut and paste excerpts from the article as answer submission.

1.    Fukuyama begins his article with a discussion of social patterns among chimpanzees. Why does he focus on chimpanzees and how do the patterns he identifies relate to women and international relations?

2.    Throughout his article, Fukuyama contrasts two competing explanations of why wars occur.  What are they and what are the main features of each of these explanations or theories?  In terms of reducing or eliminating war, what are the implications of each of these theories?   
3.    In biological terms, does Fukuyama consider race to be a useful explanation of human conflict?  Why or why not?

4.    In terms or promoting international peace, what are the arguments discussed by Fukuyama for and against having greater participation by women in national governments?

5.    What important demographic shift does Fukuyama identify over the course of the next five decades in Western Europe and Japan?  How does this shift relate to issues concerning women and world politics?

6.    What do you consider to be the two strongest arguments made by Fukuyama in his article and the two weakest? Respond in detail.


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