Analytical paper on Civil Affairs’ role in SOCOM Enterprise and how can it be used to counter and irregular threat found today’s operating environment. Utilizing EACH of the five Civil Affairs’s core task, clearly write how you would counter the irregular threat you have identified.

Identified threat: ISIS recruitment in Trinidad & Tobago

Grading: Times New Roman, 12 font, APA style 6-10 pages double spaced, include a minimum of three references (ARSOF 2035 MUST be one), Title page, no abstract required, use reputable sources, no more than 20% of the paper be quoted, proper grammar and will be screened for plagiarism.

Must have the following:

-Contains an introduction paragraph with a proper thesis statement and introduction to the topics being covered in the body of the paper AND contain a conclusion paragraph which states the thesis statement ans summarized the topics covered. 

-Must clearly explain how utilizing each of the Civil Affairs 5 core tasks will counter ISIS recruitment. (This is the focus of the paper)

Populace and resources control (PRC)

Foreign humanitarian assistance (FHA)

Civil information management (CIM)

Nation assistance (NA)

Support to civil administration (SCA). 

-Properly formatted according to APA style to include margins, spacing, indentations, running head, title page, and page numbers. Also no in-text citation errors. 

-specific and realistic threat (Given above, ISIS recruitment in Trinidad & Tobago)

– Every paragraph ends with a proper transition highlight key info from 1 paragraph to the next and create a logical flow between ideas. 

– Easily understandable, capable of being read all the way through without hesitation, ideas are in logical order, clear and concise. 


-Civil Affairs five core tasks (page 1-3) 

– ARSOF 2035 Attached  


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