1. Identify political trends in your area (city, county, or state) that have contributed to or could contribute to a crisis in a particular industry.

2.      How do political and economic events comingle to create a crisis?
3.      What crisis events are discussed the most on the blogs and Internet sites that you visit?
4.      What examples of resistance to technology have you seen where you work? Have you seen resistance at your school? If so, do you think this resistance constitutes a crisis? (Explain your opinion)
5.      Identify the life cycle stage in which your organization functions. What specific crises are associated with this stage of development?
6.      How can the stage in the industry life cycle affect crises in individual organizations?
7.      What industries are most vulnerable to crises in the near future? Explain.
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you absorbed the knowledge presented in your text and can thoughtfully articulate and apply that knowledge.  All answers should be in your own words and any use of specific language used in the text must be properly cited to avoid plagiarism. 


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