What is “sustainable development”? Describe two of the examples given in our text.

  1. What is “sustainable development”? Describe two of the examples given in our text.
  2. What does our text say about US consumption of oil relative to our percentage of the world’s reserves? What is the length of time US proven reserves would last at current rates of consumption assuming no imports? (See “Fuel Economy and CAFE Standards,” p.346-347.)
  3. How is soil formed, and why is its increasing erosion a problem globally as well as in the US?
  4. What are the causes of deforestation in tropical rainforests and why should we care? Describe one of the reasons that we should be concerned.
  5. From the renewable energy sources listed in the text, select at least two of these “renewables,” and then search the web for at least one site that interests you for each of your choices to share with the class.

 Actions for Topic 7-2

After reading chapter 13 (through p. 396) and University of Illinois’ Online Meteorology Guide:

  1. Describe the hydrologic cycle, and describe the difference between evaporation and evapotranspiration.
  2. Discuss how human activity affects water quality according to our text.
  3. At what point does the text say that substances released into water and air become pollutants?
  4. Where are the five “Great Garbage Patches” located, and what are the problems associated with these “garbage islands”? Describe one.
  5. What steps have been taken by the U.S. federal government to control air and water pollution?

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