They will be expected to identify any and all issues (theories and concepts) related to topics discussed in the class (15 points). They will then pick what they feel is the main issue, acting as a consultant, they will write a formal memo to the head of the company, explaining the issue and making sound recommendations to solve the problem (15 points). This case study is to be done individually, not with others in the class. Proper grammar and sentence structure is expected.

As discussed, just drop all theories and concepts into the text (please put the caps on, so that I don’t miss them).

There is no set word count for the response memo response but it is expected to detailed.  Please be certain to use correct grammar and sentence structure.  You are welcome to make up that you are an outside consultant, or part of HR or whatever you like.

 Please just write the response memo at the bottom of the case study (as you will need to turn the case study back in, as it will have the theories dropped into it).


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