Text Assignment: A. Directions: Respond to each question in complete sentences.

1. What are the differences between narration and narrator?

2. What are the differences between omniscient and restricted narration?

3. What are the differences between (a) the camera narrator and (b) a first person narrator and a third person narrator?

4. Can a major character be flat? Can a minor character be round? Explain your answer.

5. What is the climax and how does it relate to the protagonist’s pursuit of the goal?

Text Assignment: B. Ch. 4

6. How (and why) do we distinguish between the story and the plot of a movie?

7. What is the diegesis of a story? What is the difference between diegesis and

non diegetic elements in the plot?

8. What effect does the major and minor events have on the movie‘s plot?

9. Which of the following have the most common relationship between screen duration and story duration: Summary relationship, real time, or stretch time relationship? Define each one.

10. What is the difference between suspense and surprise? Which one is more difficult for a filmmaker to create?


Respond to the question in paragraph form.

A good story may have IRONY. Irony is a type of expression, which involves opposites or reversals. Irony frequently includes relationships of words or actions. There are three kinds of irony (1) Verbal Irony: implication of a meaning opposite to a direct statement. (2) Irony of Situation: the reversal of events, the backfiring of events, or the canceling of one action or detail by another. These reversals maybe forces beyond the control of the characters, to the actions and mistakes of peoples. (3) Irony of character is reversals the expected patterns of behavior in characters.

In the film “Men of Honor”, identify ONE character, which embodies strong opposites or contradictions when their actions involve sharp reversals in expected patterns of behavior. Give two examples from the story to support your answer.


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