Scenario #1: The suspect in a robbery was fleeing from police, when he crossed into oncoming traffic and collided head on with John Doe’s truck, severely injuring Doe, and killing himself. Mr. Doe was airlifted to the local hospital burn unit.

Police investigating the robbery and the ensuing accident demanded that hospital personnel draw blood from the victim, John Doe.

The nurse told police that she was not allowed to draw blood from an unconscious patient. She further stated that police did not have a warrant and could therefore not collect blood samples from a badly injured patient. Furthermore, she reiterated that the patient was not conscious, so he could not give consent.

Choose your perspective for this assignment – you may decide to represent the hospital, nurse, victim, or the police.

ARC Assessment Profile
Goal 1:Communication: Define the problem in your own words.
Questions:a. Identify the main idea or problem in the scenario. (If applicable, include a brief description of the policy and law that was violated).b. Support your choice of the main idea or problem with details and examples.c. Organize your findings (details & examples) in a logical and coherent format.  
ARC Assessment Profile
Goal 2:Analysis: Compare & contrast the available solutions within the scenario.
Questions:a. Identify 2 possible solutions for the issue and/or problem.b. Compare and contrast the pros and cons for each solution.c. Choose one solution you believe is the best one for addressing/solving the issue and or problem.
  ARC Assessment Profile
Goal 3:Problem Solving:  Select one of the available solutions and defend it as your chosen solution.
Questions:a. Defend your chosen solution.b. Back up your choice through facts and or evidence that support your solution.
ARC Assessment Profile
Goal 4:Evaluation: Identify the weaknesses of your chosen solution. 
Questions:a. Identify any areas of weakness within your chosen solution.b. Identify hidden assumptions and beliefs you may harbor about your choice of solution.
 ARC Assessment Profile
Goal 5:Synthesis: Suggest ways to improve/strengthen your chosen solution (may use information not contained within the scenario). 
Questions:a. Identify concepts and ideas from multiple sources that improve or strengthen your solution. b. Identify any new information and the impact that new information may or may not have on your solution.c. Identify potential missing information and the impact that missing information may or may not have on your solution.
 ARC Assessment Profile
Goal 6:Reflection: Reflect on your own thought process after completing the assignment.
Questions:a. Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your thought process with this project.b. Was there bias in your thinking?c. What did you learn from doing this project?d. What would you do in a different manner to improve your critical thinking skills process?

Submit your completed assignment into the designated drop box.


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