Research Paper Proposal (1-2 pp.) – Due 11/16 The paper proposal should help you frame your thinking about why you chose a topic and how you plan to write a longer paper about it while also making an original argument. You will need to convince me that whatever subject you choose can support a full-length research paper.

With this in mind, I expect you to include some of the following information about your proposed project: Historical context, debates on the topic, preliminary thesis, and any sources you might have discovered at the time of writing. While you will still be finding sources and thinking through your approach, this assignment should help you as you put your research paper together. Write your proposal in regular essay format (12-pt font, Times New Roman, double-spaced) and include a bibliography page with any sources you are thinking of using. I will not accept outlines or bullet points. Being able to justify your professional choices in writing is a crucial skill outside of academia, so take advantage! Should you decide to change your topic after the proposal, please consult with me beforehand.


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