QUESTION 1: Assume your client would like to convert his apartment located in California into a condominium. Search the Witkin Summary of California Lawtreatise on Westlaw, using the following search statement: convert apartments condominiums. Browse through your results and open up the section that focuses on the state requirements governing condominium conversions. According to this section, what act governs such conversions in California?

  1. Condominium Conversion Act

    Common Interest Developments Act

    Subdivision Map Act

    Subdivision Developments Act


  1. You have been asked to search for information on the types of actions that can be brought against employees who reveal their employer’s trade secrets to other parties. Use Lexis to conduct your search. Using the sources listed under the main search box, select “Content,” and then “Secondary Materials,” and then “Treatises, Practice Guides & Jurisprudence.” At the top of the page you should see “Treatises, Practice Guides and Jurisprudence” and a search bar below that. Run the following search in the search bar: employee revealing trade secrets and then browse through your results. Which of the following treatises contains a section entitled “Criminal Proceedings for Trade Secret Misconduct”?

    Intellectual Property and Computer Crimes

    Milgrim on Trade Secrets

    Trade Secrets: Law and Practice

    Protecting Trade Secrets


  1. You would like to find a secondary source that provides some policy arguments that could be used to support a recommendation for a change in the law. Which of the following sources would likely be most useful for this purpose?

    Legal Encyclopedia
  2. Treatise
  3. Law Revie Article
  4. Nutshell


  1. Which of the following is NOT true about treatises?

    They generally cover one major area of law (e.g., contracts, evidence, etc.).

    They generally only cover one jurisdiction.

    They provide detailed discussions of the lawThey are typically more scholarly than legal encyclopedias.


  1. You are interested in learning more about an aspect of constitutional law that you are unfamiliar with. You would like to find a secondary source that provides a general overview of the law without any in-depth or detailed analysis or discussion. Which of the following sources would likely best meet your needs?

    Legal encyclopedia
  2. Treatise
  3. Law review article
  4. American Law Reports


  1. Which of the following is a tool for locating information within a secondary source?

    An online catalog, such as ADVOCAT

    The source’s table of contents

    The source’s pocket part

    An online research guide


  1. What are the types of material typically found in a practice guide?

    Practice Tips
  2. Checklists
  3. “How to” instructions for attorneys
  4. All of the above

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