National Security” Please respond to the following Main Discussion Question: The conclusion of the Cold War seemed to decrease the security problems of the world’s major powers for a while. However, unexpected threats by bombers, radicals, insurgents, including an increasing arms race, Chinese economic domination, Russian expansion, the revival of a nuclear arms race, trade wars and rivalries among superpowers have plagued the global arena. This demonstrated that all countries must always be on guard for the unexpected.

  • Select one of the four basic national security strategies in chapter 12 used to preserve security. (See them below). Identify and describe what assumptions are made about an opponent/enemy according to the strategy you chose.
  • Give an example of that strategy in current world politics and speculate on its effectiveness.

Students: Read chapter 12 to learn more about the four basic national security strategieswhich are:

Defense, Deterrence, Detente Diplomacy, and Disarmament


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