Local Community Issue Presentation: Assignment Overview: Effective communication is an essential skill for working in the public policy sector. Often information will have to be communicated in the form of a briefing or presentation. During that presentation, one needs to deliver information clearly and in a concise fashion. This assignment will give you the opportunity to practice those skills in the form of an analysis of an issue of your choosing that impacts a local community.

For this assignment, you will construct and deliver a PowerPoint presentation that analyzes the impact of an issue on a local community. Be sure to incorporate information from a local representative, such as a city council member, preferably from an interview, and make recommendations of change in public policy based on your analysis.

Assignment Preparation

You will need to record a PowerPoint Presentation with speakers notes at the bottom, as if you are addressing a group of colleagues. Consider the following when you record your presentation:

· The instructor is able to view you delivering your presentation, and the camera is positioned so that you as the presenter are easily seen.

· You clearly communicate the content of the presentation.

· The instructor is able to hear your delivery well.

· The audience would be able to glean the main points from your visual aid, but you are elaborating on those main points in your delivery and providing further content than what is on the visual aid.

Assignment Instructions

In your 9 slide presentation, be sure to address the following points below. You will submit the presentation as your artifact for this assignment. The presentation length should be at least 12 minutes long.

· Describe the issue that you chose to analyze.

o Why was that issue chosen?

· Explain the relevance of the issue to your own community.

o Who does it directly impact?

· Analyze the impact of the issue on the local community.

· Incorporate information gathered from local representative(s) to effectively analyze the issue.

o This would preferably be done through an interview conducted with the representative. If you are not able to conduct the interview, research your city council website.

· Analyze how the concept of federalism was used to understand the impact of the issue on public policy and the community.

· Address the opposing point of view.

· Recommend a change in public policy based on your analysis of the issue.

o How does this change positively impact the community members that are currently affected?

Submission Requirements

· Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

· APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting. Slide content does not need to conform to APA style.

· Number of resources: Minimum of five peer-reviewed resources, formatted according to APA guidelines.

· Length of presentation: 9 slides.

· Resources: Your ideas must be supported with relevant recent, scholarly sources that are properly cited and referenced in APA Style.

· Review the scoring guide in the attachments for the grading criteria for this assignment.


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