IRAC Scenario: Every year the City of Zion celebrates the New Year by having a New Year’s parade. Approximately 100,000 people line the streets of downtown Zion to view the parade. During the parade, vendors and businesses advertise by passing out thousands of flyers and brochures.

The day after the parade the Zion city streets are lined with a clutter of paper and trash. The City of Zion is a growing city and the city officials are concerned with creating a clean, safe and inviting image of Zion, in order to attract new residents.   In an effort to limit the amount of trash on the streets after the parade, the City of Zion passes a law (restriction) prohibiting the distribution of business promoting flyers and brochures, throughout the Downtown areas of Zion.  

Rule for this IRAC (Only use this rule)

The government restriction must seek to implement a substantial government interest,  it must directly advance that interest, and it must not go further than necessary to accomplish its objective.


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