Humans have not been able to travel to the center of the Earth, but imagine if we could! Create a PowerPoint slideshow that a futuristic travel agent could use to advertise a trip to the center of the Earth. Your submission must address the following:

  1. Your PowerPoint presentation should:
    1. Have a title slide.
    2. Contain at least 6 content slides.
    3. Reflect proper spelling and grammar.
    4. Cite at least 2 credible references and present the sources in APA format on a References slide.
  2. Include a labeled diagram showing the traveler the name of each of the 5 layers they are sure to visit during the trip (beginning at the surface and proceeding to the center).
  3. Describe the characteristics of each layer that will be visited during the trip. Include things like: chemical composition, thickness, density, temperature, etc.

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