Question 10, Chapter 23, of Mann, R.A. and Roberts, B.S. (2009). Business Law and the Regulation of Business. Mason, OH: Cengage Learning:

“Margaret contracted to buy a particular model Rolls-Royce from Paragon Motors, Inc. Only one hundred of these models are built each year. She paid a $3,000 deposit on the car but Paragon sold the car to Gluck.  What remedy, if any, does Margaret have against Paragon?”

2-  Question 3, Chapter 22, of Mann & Roberts (2009) provides:

 “John Doe purchased a bottle of ‘Bleach-All,’ a well-known brand, from Roe’s combination service station and grocery store.  When John used the ‘Bleach-All,’ his clothes severely deteriorated due to an error in mixing the chemicals during the detergent’s manufacture.  John brings an action against Roe to recover damages. Explain whether John will be successful in his lawsuit.”


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