On the collaboration between the Mossad and the Sayanim, review carefully all the relevant PowerPoint slides and write a 100 to 150 word-essay only no more in which you discuss whether or not “The Way Forward” suggested by Jeff Gates is feasible and/or desirable. To submit blogs in this course, you click on the link to the blog as it appears in one of the subheadings of Course Documents, create a blog entry, and post it. Do not submit blogs from course tools, as attachments, or as email messages.

you must read the power point slides to earn full credit the professor will not give nice grade if you used refrencces out of the power point slides and he is very strik in grading  by following the instructions.

due 2.4.2014 like 24 hours from now

general info about the blog

blog assignments consist of 

a one or two-paragraph discussion of a current and/or controversial issue in a way that encourages you to (1) think critically and deeply about 

Middle East issues and problems, (2) understand the basics of action versus predicted reaction in game theory decision-making, and (3) 

ground your own moral and political judgment into facts, not the other way around


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