In a 1,500-2,000-word essay, synthesize your learning from the course with the aim of determining an appropriate ethical position and moral practice regarding an ethical dilemma

  1. Begin with a discussion of ethical theory, including: (a) the     definition and explanation of ethical theory, (b) the importance of     metaethics for determining moral judgments, (c) how ethical thinking     results in practical, moral action, and (d) how this applies to your     personal life.
  2. Describe the primary ethical theory (or     theories) and particular worldview elements utilized in reaching     your ethical position on the ethical dilemma selected.
  3. Explain how a Christian worldview clarifies and interprets the     ethical issue and contributes to the decision-making process     (whether or not you share this worldview). Identify primary     teachings, principles, and/or priorities of a distinctly Christian     perspective that is brought to bear on the issue.
  4. Compare     and contrast this Christian perspective with at least one     alternative worldview.
  5. Provide a concrete illustration of     how your ethical position on this issue will be put into practice     within one or more specific life contexts.

Include three or more scholarly resources, 


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