EXERCISE #1 – ETHICS AND THE PROTECTION OF ASSETS: After reading “What Security Executives Should Know about Ethics” by Mario Moussa, explain why security directors must have a keen understanding of the role ethics plays in an organization’s plan to protect assets and discuss the fundamental challenges confronting these security operatives, including the ethical demands resulting from the changing business environment in which they operate.

Be sure to cite your sources from both the Learning Materials and outside research.


In a study conducted by Rick Ruddell, Matthew O. Thomas, and Ryan Patten entitled, “Examining the Roles of the Police and Private Security Officers in Urban Social Control,” the authors state, in part, “this study sheds light on the relationships between the police and private security, especially in regard to the formal and quasi-formal social control of urban areas. We find that the actions of private security officers augment the activities of the police, and it is likely that they will become a more important force in the future as the line between private and public policing becomes increasingly indistinct” (2010, p. 66).  

“Engaging the Private Sector to Promote Homeland Security” by Andrew Morabito and Sheldon Greenberg in 2005 essentially make a similar assertion with regard to the future role private security must play in augmenting the activities of law enforcement in protecting the nation from terrorism. The authors concede there are obstacles to overcome, but the benefits of law enforcement – private security partnerships are many and must be explored and implemented to enhance our security plan.

As your last discussion topic for this course, identify and discuss in general terms the primary obstacles that must be addressed before private security-law enforcement partnerships can be fully operational and the significant benefits each of these entities could gain from each other. Also, as a security operative for a Fortune 1000 company, regardless of the risk for a terrorism event directed at your facility, explain how you would go about establishing or enhancing a partnership with law enforcement to protect your company’s assets and the assets of the larger community.

Be sure to cite your sources from both the Learning Materials and outside research.


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