Eran Riklis’ 2014 film A Borrowed Identity is the focus of our assignment and discussion. This film is based on Sayed Kashua’s novel Dancing Arabs, and this provides us with another very compelling manner in which to re-think how we can contemplate Israeli/Palestinian, Israeli/Arab, and Muslim/Jewish identities amidst dynamics of affiliation, belonging, non-violence, and “passing” through identity.

Watch the film and respond to the following:

In your post analyze how the character of Eyad enables the viewer to question the paramount theme of identity amidst issues of affiliation and belonging.  What is the significance of Eyad “passing” from one identity to another, and what is the film suggesting about Israeli/Palestinian, Israeli/Arab, and Jewish/Muslim identities?  Elaborate further on this through comparing Eyad to two other characters in the film.


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