Assignment, Learning Plan 8 Assignment: “When Transfer Backfires” Case Study

Directions: Review the case, “When the Transfer Backfires” in your textbook. Write a 2-3 page paper to answer the following questions.

  1. What are the facts Trent must consider now?
  2. What avenues are now open to Trent? What does this case say to you about the need for supervisors to act morally?
  3. Do you believe that some supervisors are untruthful where recommendations are concerned? Explain?
  4. What three functions are salaries meant to perform?
  5. To what extent should employee appraisals be used in salary adjustments? Explain.

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox LP8 Assignment: “When Transfer Backfires” Case StudyThis assignment is worth 100 points and will be graded according to the following scoring guide.

Rating Scale x Criteria = Total Points

Rating Scale
20-18Work meets or exceeds criterion at a high level of competence.
17-16Work reflects an understanding of criterion with minor misunderstandings/misconceptions.
15-14Criterion partially met, but one or more important concepts/skills are missing or flawed.
13-12Work reflects an attempt to meet criterion, but significant misunderstandings/misconceptions are apparent.
11-0Criterion not met or work is absent.
1.Student discussed the facts Trent must consider.
2.Student discussed the avenues that are open to Trent and what this case says about the need for supervisors to act morally.
3.Student discussed whether some supervisors are untruthful where recommendations are concerned and explain the position.
4.Student discussed the three functions are salaries meant to perform.
5.Student explained to what extent employee appraisals should be used in salary adjustments.

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