Write a culminating quantitative research report on the concepts and topics that you learned in this course. For this paper, you need to critique two or more research papers/journals that use quantitative research methods for business. Using the book Quantitative analysis for management. At least 8 pages no to include title page and reference page.

Your paper needs to include the following items:

1. An abstract

2. A Scale of Data Measurement

o      Was it quantitative or qualitative?

o      Describe how did the researcher collect the data?

3. Variations within the data

o      Include the implications this may have for business methods.

4. Concluding results

§       Critique the findings.

o      What type of errors occurred in the research that may affect the outcome of the data?

o      Is there any missing information that should be included?

o      Discuss how you would approach the research and what type of questions you may ask.


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