TOPIC: Cultural Communication Practices Paper Proposal: Throughout this course you will be drafting and revising a research paper that connects specific cultural communication patterns or practices to the history, values, and beliefs of that culture. You should focus on a culture of which you are not a member (e.g., you would not research GCU cultural communication patterns because you are a member of the GCU community).

For this assignment you will submit a 150 words proposal about the patterns or practices you wish to study. In addition to the proposal, you must include the APA citation and a 50-75 words summary of three sources you might use in your final paper. 

The following journal article titles illustrate the variety of patterns or practices that your paper could address:

· The Gift and the Common Good: A Chinese and Business Ethics Perspective

· Acculturative Family Distancing and Depressive Symptoms Among Latinas: The Role of Intergenerational Cultural Conflict.

· Engaging Malaysia: A Grassroots Approach to Inter/Intra-Religious Communication

· Impact of Romantic Facebook “Crush Pages” on the Egyptian Youth

· The Impact of Covid-19 to Indonesian Education and Its Relation to the Philosophy of “Merdeka Belajar”

This is not an all-inclusive list and you are free to pick any pattern or practice in collaboration with your instructor. Notice that each of these articles addresses a communication issue and links it to cultural distinctiveness. The focus of your paper is to present research on the history, beliefs, and values of a cultural group and give examples of communication patterns or practices that are influence by these histories, beliefs, and/or values.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. 


Read Chapters 6 and 7 in Effective Intercultural Communication: A Christian Perspective.

Read “Social Institutions and Work Centrality: Explorations Beyond National Culture,” by Parboteeah & Cullen, from  Organization Science  (2003).


Read “The Naturalness of (Many) Social Institutions: Evolved Cognition as Their Foundation,” by Boyer & Petersen, from  Journal of Institutional Economics  (2012).


 Read “Digital Transformation of Social Institutions,” by Mikheev, Serkina, & Vasyaev, from  Talent Development & Excellence  (2020).


 Watch “Racial Reconciliation – Ephesians 2:10-11,” by Baucham, from Founders Ministries (2019).


Read “Social Identity: The Role of Self in Group Processes and Intergroup Relations,” by Hogg, Abrams, & Brewer, from Group Processes & Intergroup Relations  (2017).


Read “Culture and Group-Based Emotions: Could Group-Based Emotions be Dialectical?,” by Lu, Hamamura, Doosje, Suzuki, & Takemura, from  Cognition and Emotion  (2017).


 Read “What’s Your Beef With Vegetarians? Predicting Anti-Vegetarian Prejudice From Pro-Beef Attitudes Across Cultures,” by Earle & Hodson, from  Personality and Individual Differences  (2017).



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