1. Compare two different types of societies discussed in Chapter 6 of your textbook. What stands out to you about the similarities/differences between these types of societies?

2. What roles do social institutions within a culture play in producing, maintaining, or transforming a culture? What perspectives did you gain about the importance/role of social institutions in a culture that you didn’t have before this topic? What unique impact have particular social institutions had in your culture or in the way you communicate?

3. What role does nonverbal communication play in intercultural interactions? Give examples both from research on nonverbal cultural distinctiveness and from your own experience that show how nonverbal differences between cultures can influence intercultural communication.

4. People from cultures who prefer direct communication methods often think that indirect communication methods are deceitful. Consider how you would respond to a colleague who asks, “Why don’t they just come out and tell the truth?” Is “contexting” relevant to Christians communicating about their faith to other Christians or non-Christians? Explain.


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