This assignment requires students to review the available literature on how events can and do contribute to community development with a particular emphasis on how events contribute to both the different capitals that make up destination community well-being and to sustainable tourism within the destination region.

 The following sections must be included with the same section and subsection titles and in the same order as presented here 

– Introduction (approximately 300 words)

This section should provide an overview of the concepts of destination community well-being and sustainable tourism and explain the literature search process that was used to generate the evidence that is presented in the following sections. Limitations to the search should be noted. 

– Events and Destination Community Wellbeing (each of the following sections should be 200-300 words)

o Events and Built Capital

o Events and Human Capital

o Events and Social Capital

o Events and Cultural Capital

o Events and Natural Capital

In each of these sections students should define and describe the key features of the relevant form of capital and then, using the literature they have found, describe the different ways in which events can make a positive contribution to the type of capital using specific examples from published papers.

– Events and Sustainable Tourism (approximately 300 words)

This section should identify the range of ways in which events make a positive contribution to supporting sustainable tourism in a destination region including enhancing the destination image, supporting existing tourism businesses and extending length of stay. Processes linking events to these positive contributions should be described using examples drawn from the published academic literature.

– Synthesis and Recommendations (approximately 400 words)

This concluding section should identify the main/common factors that support event contributions to destination community well-being and sustainable tourism. Once these have been identified this section should suggest a series of policy actions that could be used by destination planners and managers to ensure that events do improve destination community wellbeing and sustainable tourism.

– References

A complete reference list presented in APA format MUST BE included. 

In text citations should be included for most, if not all, statements and claims made throughout the rest of the text. It is expected that students will use a minimum of 10 published academic papers in addition to the 4 starter references that will be provided and the set readings given for each topic in weeks 1 to 4.

Students are encouraged to use tables and figures to summarise and present information.


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