Janine Antoini is an artist who creates non-traditional sculpture with a variety of materials and processes. She is not married to one specific media, but uses whatever material is best suited to her concept. Watch the following Art 21 video which briefly introduces several of her works and then read the in-depth interview about the artwork, Lick and Lather.

Answer the following questions and then post them to the discussion board. Your entire assignment should be no less than 400 words, not including the questions. 

AFTER you have written your response to the artist, read the responses of three of your classmates and comment on their posts. Your comments to your classmates must be thoughtful and specific. Plan to use 50 words or more when responding. 

1) Describe Lick and Lather and how it was made. 

2) What concepts about femininity is Antoni trying to communicate with the viewer with this piece Lick and Lather

3) Why is it important for Antoni it use her own body to create art? Think about the piece in the video where she is using her hair to paint the floor. How would the interpretation of the piece be different if she was using a mop or large brush? 

4) Write about your personal responses to the artwork.

5) Read three of your classmates posts about this artist and respond thoughtfully to them.

These are the links to the video and the interview.  Please cut and paste the links into your browser.  If I link directly to them some students have trouble loading the video.  To cut and paste, highlight the text, right click and then select copy. 

Art 21 Video: http://www.pbs.org/art21/watch-now/segment-janine-antoni-in-loss-desire

Lick And Lather Artist interview: http://www.art21.org/texts/janine-antoni/interview-janine-antoni-lick-and-lather


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