A position paper is a typed two-page paper that succinctly describes the issue at hand, explains the possible solutions to the issue with appropriate evidence given and evaluated, and gives the author’s own preference on the issue (again, with evidence).

A list of sources consulted must be submitted on a separate sheet (does not count within the two- page limit). Please use 3x sources attached. At least three extra-biblical sources should be consulted. These should be non- internet sources, please. Study Bibles and internet sources may be used, but they do not count as one of the three required sources. Four to six sources are preferred (some of these may be internet sources and/or study Bibles). 

The paper may not be more than two pages (a sentence or two may carry over onto a third page, but no more). The text must be double-spaced, with font no smaller than 10 point. To achieve this length paper, make sure that you do not begin with a long introduction. It is best to get right to the heart of the matter. 


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