Your final paper should be 10 pages, double-spaced font size 12. It should provide a “thick description” of the organization or movement you chose, including a brief history, details about those involved in leadership and supporting roles, what kind of justice they are seeking and why, and the strategies or tactics they are using to achieve their goal. The paper should demonstrate that you can apply concepts from this class to better understand your organization or movement profile and the context in which it is operating. It should also clearly articulate your thinking and the evidence that supports your argument. It should, in other words, be cogent and well written

CDC and air quality:
Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention. 2018. “CDC – Tracking Success Stories – Massachusetts.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. March 9.
Trichloroethylene exposure worries parents about indoor safety/ exposure of indoor toxins can be just as harmful as outdoor toxins/ luckily TCE exposures have not seemed to harm any children/ transportation projects can also affect local communities health/ tracking data helps analyze various health concerns/ flooding could spread surface pesticides and be harmful/ living within a certain distance gives the opportunity for exposure to industrial plants/ requesting more info provides a better understanding of potential harm/
Bejings improvement on air quality:
Yeung, Jessie, Nectar Gan, and Steve George. 2021. “Analysis: Beijing’s Fight for Cleaner Air Is a Rare Victory for Public Dissent.” CNN. Cable News Network. August 23.
Increase in air quality since 2013/ pollution is no longer tolerated and has been improving/ new president xi jinping assessing these problems and taken action against it/ governments fear of the attention pollution being brought national/
Middle East News:
Malek, Caline. 2019. “For the Gulf Region, Global Air Quality Report Is a Wake-up Call.” Arab News. June 5.
9 out of 10 people breathe polluted air/ saudi arabia has some of the worst air quality according to WHO/ Oil and gas causes/ around 3 billion people depend on burning fossil fuels/ Africa, ASia to Middle East having some of the worst pollution in the world/ Air pollution fifth leading risk in mortality worldwide/ pollutant levels higher than average days in china/
One in five people:
Chaisson, Clara. 2021. “Fossil Fuel Air Pollution Kills One in Five People.” NRDC. September 27.
Air pollution from fossil fuels responsible for almost one if five deaths worldwide/ exposure to PM 2.5 and burning fossil fuels for 8.7 million deaths in 2018/ people in urban areas usually have it the worst/ PM 2.5 is lingers in the air and can deeply affect the body/ people with still developing immune systems especially vulnerable/ China and India are the two highest air pollution/ even harder to control natural causes like volcanoes and wildfires/
Air pollution facts:
Turrentine, Jeff, and Jillian Mackenzie . 2021. “Air Pollution: Everything You Need to Know.” NRDC. September 21.
Nine out ten people breathe air that exceeds WHO’s guidelines/ mostly contributed by burning fossil fuels which is worsened with heat/ smog and soot anything that combusts fuels/ allergies especially vulnerable/ exposure to fine particulates can lead to a number of health problems/ environmental injustice for minority communities especially prevalent/ around 200 air pollutants are regulated by law/ greenhouse gases lead to higher temperatures and decrease the worlds health/ pollen and mold can even be considered air pollution/ four out of ten residents live in counties of unhealthy levels of air pollution/ environmental racism/
Manisalidis, Ioannis, Elisavet Stavropoulou, Agathangelos Stavropoulos, and Eugenia Bezirtzoglou. 2020. “Environmental and Health Impacts of Air Pollution: A Review.” Frontiers. Frontiers. February 20.
PM’s, VOC’s, PAH’s, COPD’s/ pollutants come in different forms/ short term and long term vary on the extremity of morbidity and mortality/ large urban areas affected more/ fast development of urbanization and industrialization/ high pollution direct correlation to increased deaths since the early 1900’s/ guidelines and programs set in place to reduce pollution/ sources come from large scale human activities/ air pollution can affect the quality of the surrounding environment/ the major effects of PM 2.5 and health/ air pollution and health/ air pollution and the environment/
Agency , Environmental Protection. 2021. “Air Pollution: Current and Future Challenges .” EPA. Environmental Protection Agency. September 23.
A sign of air improvement is better visibility/ emissions from many sources not only pollute locally but also travel long distances/ sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, lead, carbon monoxide/ regulations and limits slowly set in place as evidence is recorded/ those that don’t meet limits and regulations are state adopted rules in work with the EPA/ climate change and its affects/ the harm on the environment, people, food supply, weather and future generations/ EPa and implimenting different regulations in an attempt to curb pollution/ toxic pollutants/ what’s being done about toxic pollutants/ protecting the ozone layer/
New Air:
Air, New. 2019. “Air Pollution: Understanding the Problem and Ways to Help Solve It.” NewAir. May 1.
Air pollution statistics/ air quality with our neighbors up north and air quality around the world/ air quality in various states/ common problems when living with air pollution/ how air pollution affects children’s health/ health effects from air pollution/ environmental effects of air pollution/ how climate change is involved/ ozone layer depletion and what that means for us/ acid rain/ human causes of air pollution/ mercury and other toxic emissions and the harmful effects of electricity/ cars and other forms of transportation/ natural causes of air pollution/ indoor air quality and pollution associated with it/ how to keep the air cleaner/
India’s air pollution:
Gerretson, Isabelle. 2021. “How India’s Air Pollution Is Being Turned into Floor Tiles.” BBC Future. BBC. September 12.
Always coughing because of pollution/ india’s pollution kills about one million a year/ getting tired even when you wake up because of pollution/ capturing soot and smog and turning it into building tiles/ we don’t take this as seriously as covid-19/ takes too long to convert all the current problems so instead its easier to turn the pollution into something else/ regular air purifiers are too hard to make available new purifiers can be put anywhere/ making the air purifiers easily available and affordable since some of the worst air quality is in the poorest countries/
Conserve energy:
Rinkesh. 2020. “Causes, Effects and Impressive Solutions to Air Pollution.” Conserve Energy Future. June 17.
What is air pollution/ balance is key imbalance leads to problems/ visible and invisible air pollution/ primary and secondary pollutants/ natural sources of air pollution and man made sources of air pollution/ outdoor and indoor air pollution/ burning of fossil fuels, agricultural practices, waste in landfills, exhaust from factories and industries, mining operations, natural events/ respiratory and heart problems/ children’s health/ climate change/ acid rain and eutrophication/ effect on wildlife depletion of ozone layer/ using public transportation/ household practices conserving energy/ clean energy sources/ energy efficient devices/


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