What was the poisonous material (similar to plastic today) was used to protect the color painted on the warriors?

For your information: It is required by the college that you have a critical thinking portion of each chapter.

As you read the chapters 18-20 in Module Seven – in the accompanying assessment (quiz), there will be a short essay with a minimum word count of 350+ to earn any points.

When answering one of the six questions below do not pad the essay with just words, but concentrate on the content of your answer. Use spelling and grammar check before you submit the short essay. When you take the quiz you will copy and paste the answers to the two questions that you prepared in advance in the answer block area. 

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At the beginning of your short essay place your full name, date, and title of your short essay. 

Remember there is a minimum of 350+ words for your essay. Not including the title, etc.

Ch 18: 

Terracotta Warriors

As you watch the “Documentary of China’s Terracotta Army” (Secrets of China’s Terracotta Warriors) answer the questions below. There is a minimum of 350+ words required for this assignment. The word count does include the questions if you use them in your short essay to organize your thoughts.

While composing your essay the answers to the questions below should be addressed. Remember this is an essay format. If you choose to start with the question to keep you on track before you answer the words in the questions will not count as your total word count required.  

  • Why was the Terracotta army created?
  • How were the warriors discovered?
  • Why did the craftsmen who made the warriors use the traditional coiling method to create the sculptures?
  • How were the cave houses used in creating the Warriors?
  • What was the poisonous material (similar to plastic today) was used to protect the color painted on the warriors?
  • Earlier tombs, before the 1St Emperor, tombs were discovered of human sacrifice. Comment on these.
  • Why did scientist use facial recognition software in studying the Terracotta Warriors?
  • What did you find of most interest in the video?

The video link  https://youtu.be/09GCnZmmk9Q 


Discuss how the Japanese art reflected both indigenous and external influences.


After watching the video “M.C. Escher Inspired By Islamic Art” discuss the importance of Islamic Arts influence in the world today and share what you have learned about tessellations.

 The video link  https://youtu.be/w9A6Qp6KiXo 


Describe how modern innovations and at movements influenced Islamic architecture and art in Egypt and Sudan. Give examples from the text.

Compare and contrast the art of the Aztecs and the Incas. Give examples from the text in your short essay.


After watching the short video “Aboriginal Art Painting” discuss what you learned about their painting.

 The video link  https://youtu.be/AoHAn58-_rg  


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