Discussion: Societal Re-entry According to Couloute (2018), “Before formerly incarcerated people can address health problems, find stable jobs, or learn new skills, they need a place to live.” Is it the responsibility of the criminal justice system to help them do these things? Take a position. Do you believe the criminal justice system (including its laws) has a responsibility to help formerly incarcerated people?

First, in your initial post, title your post “The criminal justice system DOES have a responsibility” or “The criminal justice system DOES NOT have a responsibility.”
Then, using the resources in this module, discuss whether you think the criminal justice system has a responsibility to help formerly incarcerated people become successful members of society. If not, whose responsibility is it? If so, whose specific responsibility is it in the criminal justice system? Include a rationale to support your explanation.
Identify two posts by your peers that you might disagree with and respond to them. For each of your two peer responses, be sure to:
Include an explanation of why you disagree with their initial post (Use respectful language to politely disagree.)
Include at least three questions to get more information about your peer’s initial post and further their thinking on the topic
Couloute, L. (2018). Nowhere to go: Homelessness among formerly incarcerated people. Prison Policy Initiative. Retrieved from https://www.prisonpolicy.org/reports/housing.html


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