Compare and Contrast the two versions of the myth of the Cyclops Polyphemus in the Archaic Greek poet Homer’s Odyssey (EH 298-314) and in the Hellenistic poet Theocritus’ poem (Idyll 11) (ACM 399-401). How does the Roman poet Ovid combine elements from each of these earlier poets’ versions to make his own version of the myth in his poem, the Metamorphoses (OM 374-381)?

Length: 2-3 pages (1.5 spacing, typed)

EH The Essential Homer (Hackett 2000)

ACM Anthology of Classical Myth (Hackett 2004)

OM Ovid Metamorphoses (Hackett 2010)

Argument (75%) 

Introduction: set out what you will be doing in this paper (10%) 

Context 1: describe what is happening in Homer’s version & Theocritus version (10%) 

Analysis 1: compare the similarities & differences between Homer’s version & Theocritus’ versions (20%) 

Context 2: describe what is happening in Ovid’s version (5%) 

Analysis 2: examine how Ovid combines elements from both Homer and Theocritus in his version (20%) 

Conclusion (10%): summarize your main points and findings at the end of your essay.

Presentation (25%) 

Length (5%) 

Spelling & Grammar (5%) 

Direct quotation of the Homer version in Analysis 1 (5%)

Direct quotation of the Theocritus version in Analysis (5%)

Direct quotation of the Ovid version in Analysis 2 (5%) 


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