Book Review of Jose Saramago’s Blindness: Purpose Participants will have the opportunity to critically review the portrayal of persons with disabilities as presented in a book.

• Choose a fiction book that portrays persons with disabilities.

In a brief paper:

• Provide the complete reference information for your selection.

• Summarize the item for a naïve audience, i.e., someone who has not read the book. In a brief summary, provide an overview and a few significant highlights from the book. Allocate no more than one third of your assignment to the summary.

• Discuss the major issues raised by the author.

• Critically review the book in terms of (a) portrayal of persons with disabilities, (b) bias and rhetoric, (c) accuracy and completeness of information, (d) fact vs. opinion, and (e) conclusions. When possible, support your opinions with information from factual sources and cite references. Note: Allocate the majority of your assignment to evaluation of the book rather than to the summary.

• Indicate if you would recommend this book to others.


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