Activity Objectives This assignment will require you to compare and evaluate coverage of a current issue by several news sources. This assignment addresses Course Objective G (Explain the changing role media plays in shaping and reflecting our politics today) by examining how the media is, and is not, biased (Module Objective G3). This assignment will require you to think critically about the chapter material and will help you develop a better understanding of the material.

Go to the Politics section of the New York Times (Links to an external site.). Choose a current policy-related issue that involves actions made by the Trump Administration, then find media coverage of the same issue by both MSNBC (Links to an external site.) and FOX News (Links to an external site.). Read all three articles and then write a 250-300 word reflection post that identifies what all three articles had in common and how they were different from each other. Which version of the story do you find most trustworthy and why? Do any of the articles seem to be biased? If so, why?


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