1) Both activists and politicians have appealed to motherhood in an effort to justify their participation on the public stage. As explored in several essays we read this semester, there are both potential advantages and disadvantages to this strategy. Referencing two of these essays, explain those potential advantages and disadvantages and weigh in. Do you think appealing to motherhood is beneficial, dangerous, or both? Please explain your response. Reference the Michelle Obama and Difference Between a Hockey mom article for this question. 3 pages long please!

2) Media has a profound impact on us, offering narratives that shape our understandings of our everyday lives. Several of the articles we read explore the ways media frames “good” and “bad” mothering. Referencing at least two of these articles, describe how the media does this: How are good motherhood and bad motherhood framed? Who gets to occupy either subject position? In cases where these norms are resisted, how does that happen? Please reference the Mediated moms/Devils mamas and 16 and pregnant article for this question. 3 Pages long please! Thanks!!!<
This course was based on the negative impacts of intensive mothering. If that could be referenced through, please and thank you!!


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