US Green House Gas Reduction Policy Analysis: Overview: Choose a USA federal policy that could presumably be a part of a Green New Deal package for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Describe your policy as thoroughly as you can.

Then evaluate its political barriers, its economic costs/benefits,
its social impacts, and its environmental implications. It is possible that some of the environmental implications will be negative. This will require carefully delimiting the scope of the policy analysis; your focus should be narrow enough to allow appropriate analysis in 5 pages.
This is an individual project.

Length: 5 pgs. Or 1250-1500 words

Due Date: Final class period – Dec. 3 Late papers will not be accepted. If you are not done,
hand in what you have completed. Come to class on Dec. 8 ready to discuss what you learned
from your project.

Some tips for thinking of a policy idea:

• The ‘Drawdown’ website has some fabulous ideas for climate change solutions; check
them out:
• Read about the Green New Deal proposals:
• Read about renewable energy:
• Explore the National Renewable Energy Labs website:


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