Essay 2: Read the “Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge.” Based on your analysis of this book and other research, identify the lesson from Coolidge’s career in public service that you find most important. Explain the lesson and comment upon the relevance of it today. Your essay may not exceed 400 words.

The “Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge” is available online for free at: (right click to open in new tab) and at most libraries.

Essay 3: In 1926, President Coolidge received an unusual gift, twin lion cubs. He named the first cub “Budget Bureau,” symbolizing his commitment to cutting the federal budget. Today, the budget of the U.S. federal government is in deficit, and has been for many years. Research President Coolidge's views and policies related to the budget. Then: research the federal budget today. Finally, in an essay of 600 words or fewer, explain how you think Coolidge would address the budget deficit were he president today. Note: although personally you may not agree with Coolidge, get inside his head and explain how you think Coolidge would address today’s deficit. (Please visit the link below the response box which lists research resources for this essay. You may use additional resources as well.)

Primary resources to aid you in your research can be found at this link: (right click to open in new tab).


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