Week 3: Needs Assessment. Provide an overview of the at-risk group you are investigating and its presence in your community. Provide any available demographic data. Why are you interested in studying this group?

Complete the following chart.  Be as specific to your community (city or county) as possible. Common sources of data include: US Census data, Chamber of Commerce, community libraries, social service agencies, US Department of Labor, the Department of Public Health and Department of Education.

Needs AssessmentAssessment Data for the At-risk Group
Environment/Living Arrangements 
Access to Transportation 
Financial considerations 
Cultural/language barriers 
Public perception of the group 
Common health risks 
Access to health and social services 

Based on the information you gathered and what you find in the literature, address the following questions:

  1. What are the primary health concerns for this group?
  2. How does the care provided to this population differ from the care provided to other populations?
  3. Explain how health inequalities impact healthcare access and delivery for this group.
  4. What impact does this under-served population have on the healthcare delivery systems in your area?
  5. How might this affect nursing practice?

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