Social Work: Carver School of Social Work for Interruption of Service Learning Project Assignment

ONLY USE THE ARTICLE ATTACHED AS A SOURCE. MAKE SURE EACH POST. IS LABELED CORRECTLY & ONLY USE THE ARTICLE THAT CORRESPONDS WITH THE POSTS.  Summarize article 8 using   200 words. ((Please keep in mind that in your summary, you are not giving your opinion on the topic, you are only explaining what the author had to say, that is, the major points or arguments. Never bullet your the points. You are to compose full and complete sentences. Article citation is a must, (Rothenberg, p. 44 ) for example. REMEMBER: DO NOT PROVIDE A CRITIQUE OR AN OPINION IN A SUMMARY POST. YOUR GOAL IS TO PRETEND YOU ARE TELLING SOMEONE WHAT YOU READ, THAT IS IT.)) Reflection Post: Thrupkaew in Article 10 discusses how, despite the challenges various populations 
from Asian countries face in immigrating to the United States, there is a persistent myth that they will 
do well because in the United States “because of their strong ‘family values’ and work ethic.” This 
notion becomes a measure for “what all minorities need in order to get ahead.” How does this myth 
impact other minority groups? ((In this post you are required to have at least two (2) citations from the reading (either a direct quote of a paraphrased one) to bolster the point you are making. Citations in your post should look like this (Rothenberg, p. 22) for example.))


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